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Perlite Filteraids

Perlite is a light, white filteraid made from amorphous volcanic glass composed of fused sodium potassium aluminum silicate.  The crushed ore has a high water content that causes it to expand rapidly, similar to popcorn, when heated in the temperature range of 800°C and 1100°C. At this temperature organic matter is eliminated.  


Perlite filteraid has extremely low solubilities in mineral and organic acids at all temperatures. Solubilites in strong alkalis will vary according to temperature and contact time. The filteraid will impart no odor or taste to filtered materials.

Perlite Is Lighter


Perlite is a lighter filteraid than diatomaceous earth by as much as 50%.  The efficiency of a solid- liquid filtration process is dependent upon the physical separation of the filtrate particles from each other by the filteraid.  Due to it's low density, perlite requires fewer pounds of material to provide the same level of filtration.

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